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Yunnan Imperial Black
Our Price: $5.00

The Yunnan province located in South China above Burma offers many interesting teas. While best known for their Pu-Erhs, Yunnan also produces some excellent black teas. With a unique taste reminiscent of freshly brushed horses, this tea gives a wonderful example of the Yunnan teas. The Imperial grade offers a full bodied black tea, with still a nice level of golden tips for sweetness.

Rich malt with a caramel sweetness gives this tea a wonderful base. Add to that a clean barnyard aroma (we know, an odd way to describe a tea! But it's a term used in wine, so why not tea?), and this is undoubtedly one of our more complex black teas.

Perfect for afternoons or evenings when you need a nice relaxing black tea.

Organic Gunpowder China
Our Price: $5.50

This unique tea offers an almost bitter green brew.   Grown in the prominent Fujian province in China, gunpowder tea gets its name from the way the leaves are rolled into fine pellets reminiscent of gunpowder.  Don't let the name deter you from trying it though - its processing method helps to preserve the flavor, producing a green tea that carries more than its own weight.

Gunpowder tea isn't as subtle as some of our others greens, but offers a powerful taste that will leave you with a fresh impression.  A popular combination is to mix a little of Gunpowder tea with mint leaves, the result is beautifully refreshing!

The fact that it's organic ensures that we bring you the best quality that we can!
White Pomegranate
Our Price: $6.50

A unique blend of: white tea (Pai Mu Dan), green tea (Chinese grown Sencha), lemongrass, pomegranate, dragonfruit, raspberry and kiwi all come together in a tropical medley of taste. The smooth taste of the white tea, with the tart zest of the fruit pieces makes for a delicious treat.

White Pomegranate is one of our summer highlights for a perfect ice-tea! Great hot or cold, this tropical blend is good all year round.

As this tea is mostly white and green teas, we would advice not to use boiling water.

(We are proud to source this tea from Anteaques in Edinburgh, Scotland)
Cranberry Pomegranate
Our Price: $6.50

Nothing says autumn more than cranberries! This delicious tea combines cranberry, pomegranate, a strong black tea base and a dash of peony petals for an exotic mix. The fruitiness and tartness of the cranberry and pomegranate mellow the flavor of the black tea, while the peony adds a touch of floral sweetness.

Both cranberry and pomegranate are excellent sources of antioxidants, making this a healthy alternative to many sodas! Serves well both hot and cold.
Organic Pai Mu Tan China
Our Price: $7.50

Pai Mu Tan offers a visually stunning tea with long, graceful leaves, and a subtle, calming flavor.  Grown in Fujian province in China, our organic version allows for a pure taste of the region at a reasonable price.  Pai Mu Tan, while being a white tea, actually undergoes slight oxidation as the leaves are allowed to whither for about an hour.  While not enough to transform the tea into a green, this treatment allows a more flavorful nature of the tea to emerge.

With white teas we strongly urge you to not use boiling water.  Instead, let the water rest for a couple of minutes.  This will give you a better brew.
Grapefruit Tea
Our Price: $8.00

Grapefruit rind and essence mixed with a rich Chinese black tea makes an excellent blend for our grapefruit tea. With little astringency due to the citrus, grapefruit tea makes a delicious breakfast tea. Pieces of white grapefruit gives this flavored tea a beautiful appearance and a lovely aroma. We find that this Grapefruit tea makes an excellent alternative to Earl Grey. The exotic taste of the grapefruit blends perfectly with the tea to create a highly aromatic cup of tea!

(We are proud to source this tea from Anteaques in Edinburgh, Scotland)
Long Jing Dragon Well Organic First Grade
Our Price: $8.00

Long Ching, Long Jing, or Dragon Well are all names referring to the same tea. Centered around West Lake in Zhejiang, Dragonwell offers a fresh, crisp green vegetable taste with the sweetness of a roasted chestnut. This tea finishes on the long after taste traditionally associated with nice Chinese green teas. Our Organic Long Jing's leaves have been carefully pressed flat and hand processed. While not the rare Pre-Qingming tea (a festival around April 4 celebrating Spring), our Long Jing was harvested later in April.

Dragonwell is a highly prized tea in China, and obtaining a good quality version of this tea is difficult. Dragonwell, like Da Hong Pao, is a tiny region and many teas grown near by are often made in the style of. While we always source with the intent of honesty and purity to location. While we buy this tea from the region, this Dragonwell is most likely made in the style of. Our business model is not one of profit, but of honesty. Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions.
White Monkey
Our Price: $8.00

This Chinese style green tea from the Fujian province of China demonstrates how diverse green teas can be.  While this tea could easily be a white tea with the high number of trichomes (or hairs) present on the tips, it has been slightly oxidized and releases a beautiful delicate green flavor.  Chinese style green tea production often includes lightly pan-frying the leaves, thus allowing for a sweet chestnut taste to emerge.

We believe that White Monkey is one of our top Chinese green teas.  It offers a delicate flavor with subtle layers.  Its sweetness allows us to enjoy this tea all year round, even during the heat of summer.  Often in China a tea's appearance matters as much as its taste, and White Monkey again delivers.  Gently curled leaves indicate a careful rolling process that opens the leaves' flavor, while not being too harsh.  

We would urge that boiling water should not be used on green teas, which will "burn" the leaves and create a more bitter brew.  Instead, allow for the water to cool for a few minutes.  This will help to ensure a sweet, tasty flavor.
Sheng Pu-Erh 2011
Our Price: $8.50

Pu-Erhs are unique teas in that they actually get better with age. Undergoing a tea process similar to black teas, the fermentation never finishes. This releases rich, almost spicy, earth tones. Most pu-erhs come from the Yunnan province of China (where this one originates from), yet will express high levels of diversity in where the tea was grown, the age of the tea plants, and how it was rolled.

Our pu-erh comes from old trees with big broad leaves. This gives a spiced plum like taste that gives way to beautiful floral undertones. A faint mineral start fades away giving a pleasant stone fruit taste and full mouth feel. Good for around 5-6 infusions.
Product name: Bu-Lang big tree Pu-erh tea (raw tea)
Ingredients: sun-dried big leaf green tea from the Bu-Lang mountains (Menghai county, Yunnan province)
Net weight: 400g
Production protocol #:
Production permit #:
Food safety certificate #:
Long term storage: place in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area free of odors and direct sunlight
Produced by Yunnan Jing Chang Hao Tea Industry Co, Ltd
Produced on 4/2/2011
Ginseng Oolong
Our Price: $8.50

Ginseng Oolong, or Lan Gui Ren or just Ren Shen, is a very popular tea in China. This oolong grown in the Hainan province is covered in a fine powder of ginseng and liquorice. These small olive-green pearls release the flavors of the ginseng and the tea at the same time. We are quite fond of this tea, especially when we need to be at our best mentally. This sweet brew does not need any sugar, and can be infused multiple times, though we think the first couple are the best.