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Organic Colombian Cacao Kisses
Organic Colombian Cacao Kisses

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A single origin blended tea, containing chocolate. What more could one ask for! This black tea is grown in the tropical country of Colombia. With minimal processing, the true terroir of this tea grown at a high elevation of 1,800-2,050 meters, the start of the Andean mountain range, shines through. This tea is the same tea as our Organic Colombian Black, with a completely oxidized tea base, with perfectly harvested tea leaves, has a rich copper color and raw cacao nibs and pieces added to it. The strong mineral undertones give way to dark cherries and cassis while remaining brisk and clear with the cacao pieces adding a more fruity tropical taste. This unique flavor profile also boosts a tea very high in caffeine. Enjoy drinking a tea from the small community of La. Cumbre in Colombia South America!

This isn't a sweetened chocolate that you'd find in a candy bar, but rather a rich complex flavor profile of tropical flavors coupled with an underlying bitterness of a dark chocolate.

Colombia isn't known for its tea production, and Bitaco is one of the few growers producing high quality loose leaf tea. Organic cultivation along with a desire to help preserve their unique fog forest ecosystem has led them to establish this tea garden surrounded by Bitaco Regional Forest Reserve where their garden acts as a biological corridor for 256 species of birds, 28 amphibians, 23 reptiles and 772 species of flora.

As this is a black tea, it is best to use boiling water or water that has recently boiled. Use water with a temperature around 205-210 degrees.