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Long Jing Dragon Well Organic First Grade
Long Jing Dragon Well Organic First Grade

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Long Ching, Long Jing, or Dragon Well are all names referring to the same tea. Centered around West Lake in Zhejiang, Dragonwell offers a fresh, crisp green vegetable taste with the sweetness of a roasted chestnut. This tea finishes on the long after taste traditionally associated with nice Chinese green teas. Our Organic Long Jing's leaves have been carefully pressed flat and hand processed. While not the rare Pre-Qingming tea (a festival around April 4 celebrating Spring), our Long Jing was harvested later in April.

Dragonwell is a highly prized tea in China, and obtaining a good quality version of this tea is difficult. Dragonwell, like Da Hong Pao, is a tiny region and many teas grown near by are often made in the style of. While we always source with the intent of honesty and purity to location. While we buy this tea from the region, this Dragonwell is most likely made in the style of. Our business model is not one of profit, but of honesty. Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions.