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**Not Available** Waverly Tea Estate 100% Florida Grown Tea
**Not Available** Waverly Tea Estate 100% Florida Grown Tea

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Our Price: $35.00

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** Unfortunately at this time, this item is not available. (The tea plants are in dormancy or I am currently away from the plants working on my research) **


Thank you for your interest in USA grown tea! 100% of the profits of this sale will be going to the development and creation of the Waverly Tea Estate here in Florida!

We are still in the very early stages of development. We have around 2,500 tea plants and 10 acres ready for planting, but many of them are too young to go into the ground. And so this is where your help will come in! We need to scale up our nursery, plant our shade trees, and start sourcing tea equipment. All of which requires a good bit of capital.

We also need to practice our tea making, so your feedback on the tea is desperately needed!

What you'll get:
-Between 4-8 grams of tea. Maybe more depending on how the summer rains work for us here!
-Close to complete control over your tea.
-You will decide if it is White, Green, or Black.
-The level of plucking. Only tips, Bud + 1 leaf, Bud + 2 leaf, Bud + 3 Leaf
- If you want a hard or soft roll
-Lower temperature or higher temperature firing
-Pictures of every stage of the process (and your choice of e-mail updates)
-Our gratitude! (And that you will be supporting a unique 100% USA growing tea project!)

What we get:
-Capital (Seriously, estimates on the equipment are coming back in the thousands)
-Hopefully making some new tea friends around the US :) Please share this unique experience.

Thank you! :)

1.) This is a work in progress! We really do need your feedback on the tea. So if you hate or love your teas we need to know! Otherwise we won't be able to improve upon the process for future tea drinkers
2.) We are talking about micro-lots. 4-8 grams is between 1-2 servings of tea. I wish I could do more, but our oldest plants are only 2 years old!
3.) See above. There may be a wait-list on the teas depending on how many people have ordered in front of you/what the summer rains are like. If a wait-list develops, I will update this webpage as well as our Facebook page.
4.) Our company is located in Dallas. So if you combine this order with any of our other teas, this will be split into two separate shipments. (The Florida Tea coming directly to you from Bartow Florida, and the other teas from our office in Dallas Texas.)
5.) Live near Bartow Florida and want to pluck your own tea? Send us an e-mail at singleorigintea@gmail.com and we will sort something out. :)


1.) You!