Single Origin Teas


Single Origin Teas is about sampling the unique nature of teas from around the world. As each harvest varies, no batch of tea is completely alike; and where it is grown, how it is processed, and of course how you brew it, all greatly affect the end result. The terroir of soil is known to affect wines, coffees, and chocolates around the world, and tea is no exception! The other unique feature about our company is that we are not profit driven. I (James Orrock) am a scientist who studies tea. Single Origin Teas allows me a unique window in the marketing world of tea. All orders are filled by my mother, Jane Orrock. We will always strive for honesty and transparency in our business practices.

Single Origin Teas was founded on the hope of bringing some of this subtlety and diversity to our fellow tea lovers: thus we provide high quality teas from specific locations at a reasonable price. While we tend to focus on loose leaf rather than tea bags, the bottom line comes down to the fact that tea should be enjoyed however you like. Our other main focus is on ethically sourced tea. We proudly support small tea growers in their sustainable practices. We directly source our tea leaves allowing for maximum transparency from grower to consumer.

Single Origin Teas is a family operated business that sources many of its teas from trips around the world. We only sell quality teas that represent the character of the region in which they are produced. You may notice that some regions are better represented than others, and we may be biased toward these teas and know more about them! But our list is constantly changing, as we too get introduced to new, exciting teas, and are always learning!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Especially if it is in regards to tea, we do love to talk about tea!

Send us a letter if you like, our address is:

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