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Small Tea Egg Empty Tea Sachets Tea Acorn
Small Tea Egg
Our Price: $3.00
Empty Tea Sachets
Our Price: $6.00
Tea Acorn
Our Price: $7.00

Our smallest size tea infuser. Perfect for a mug or a small tea pot!

Like the flavors of loose-leaf tea without the mess? Make your own tea bags! We proudly source these tea bags from Japan, ensuring the highest quality food safety. With a finer mesh to leave less dregs, and a strength to ensure no tearing. Choose how strong you want your cup of tea to be and stop over brewing. These empty tea sachets are designed to be folded over to keep the leaves inside. One packet contains 60 individual tea bags.

**This is a different product than the tea sachets we used to supply. While these do not contain a draw-string, we felt the quality of the item was much higher.

Our larger size tea infuser. This is actually our preferred tea brewing device as it locks into place ensuring no tea leaf "escapees", while being big enough to allow the leaves to fully brew. Too large to fit in a mug or a small tea pot, make sure your tea pots opening will fit this infuser. Diameter is 2.5 inches.