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Nucifora Tea Estate Australian Black
Australia, the land down under. Home to Vegemite, amazing wines, and the Great Barrier Reef. But an hour from the Great Barrier Reef is home to the Nucifora Tea Estate in the Tablelands of Australia. This elevated plateau is the perfect spot for much of Australia's tea and coffee (along with sugar cane and bananas). The wettest region in the Australian tropics, if you stand still you can almost hear the tea growing.

Sybbie Nucifora has been growing tea in these gentle sloping hills for decades. One of the pioneers of Australian tea production, his tea is enjoyed by millions around the continent. However we are happy to be the first to offer his tea in America!

This robust CTC tea captures the power of the Australian sun with the distinct mineral nature of the soil. Planted, grown, harvested by one man; Sybbie is able to do what many in America dream of doing. His teas offer a rich, full-bodied taste that easily handles milk and sugar. As this is a CTC tea, a little goes a long way. CTC stands for 'cut, tear, curl' and has to do with a unique mechanical processing to maximize the strength of a tea. Commonly used in tea bag teas and in breakfast tea blends, this Australian black tea is one of a kind and offers a unique taste from an under represented area.